V.I.P. Strategy Day

A direct connection to me and my expertise in revenue management, direct booking strategies, online reputation and overall long lasting profitability of your property or local hotel chain... 

An accelerated mentoring & coaching experience for the hoteliers

and hospitality professionals who wants to drive more sales, exceed customer expectation and are aiming for long lasting profitability of their properties. 

Did I get it right? Let me guess....

You are running or owning an independent hotel or local chain. Your employees and guests are satisfied and your property is generating good revenue. You and your team are really good at what you do and the clients see it. Your property is your baby, your passion! You've also invested and implemented a lot to make it grow and you are aiming to achieve long lasting profitability. You are a true hotelier with heart and soul!

Still, there is the occasional moment when you are unsure, can't see your next step clearly or even feel like you can't see the forest for the trees. That moment when you just get stuck.

Your mind is exploding and full of questions: where is my hotel strategy and current sales / marketing / revenue approach lacking and what changes needs to be implemented achieving higher occupancy and/or higher ADR?
What can be done to achieve higher profitability? How to increase number of bookings? What are we overlooking so our direct booking strategy is not fullfilling our expectations?
How to drive loyalty and increase demand ?
How to implement revenue management in my hotel or what technologies and skill my team needs to drive better results? Or maybe you need one-day-distance from hotel operations.
And maybe you are heading back to basics: revisit why, re-evaluate who is your customer and how to make their stay even more elevating.


In these situations, you would love to have a connection to an expert who you could nudge for a moment - but you don't want to commit to a full training programme 'just' because... you need an expert to guide you and coach you in this particular unclarity. 

You would love to have a connection to an expert who has revenue, sales and marketing experience as well as experties in implementing changes in the hotel including technologies. You would love to have a connection to an expert who will understand your struggle and will help you to discover the clarity for you and for your property.  


Can you imagine... 

... the VIP Strategy Day like no other. It is a day focused around the goal or intention of you! It is tailored to your business needs, both immediate and for the future... and... 

  • Getting answers to your questions in one day, V.I.P. style! The turbo & very efficient version for your property and your business results. 
  • Putting the date on your calendar and planning your adventure to GROW into your next level. Enjoying the momentum to get out daily to-do and hussle and completely focus on you and your business needs.
  • Spending a full day exploring, strategizing and expanding in your hotel business vision and mission.
  • Learning with a guide who brings 20+ years of experience in all things managing a hotel, revenue management, sales, marketing, direct booking strategies, reputation, mindset setter and beyond.
  • Together we’ll gain clarity on your needs in following areas: branding and positioning, revenue management, marketing, sales tactics, pricing, online reputation or a complete review of your website or hotel revenue results.

This is how will your V.I.P. Strategy Day look like

This is about so much more than just the day...

30-Minute Pre-Call to Create the V.I.P. Strategy Day Plan

Your VIP Day is 7 hours of serious strategizing to be sure you’ve got everything you answer all your questions or moving forward to the next revenue level.

  • We’ll talk about your goals for the VIP Strategy Day, your ideal outcomes, and identify any prep assignments you can do to help us make the most out of our time together
  • This Pre-call will help you prepare for your VIP Strategy Day and enable you to get the most value from our time together.
  • This Pre-Call may require getting your current results, KPIs or spreadsheets ready and submit them prior to meeting.

The Actual VIP Strategy Day

(In-Person or Virtual)

  • We’ll work together for a 7-hour hotel success sprint that I’ll outline in advance. We will meet at 09:00 am and spend the time (including breaks) until 04:00 pm. We will have view sessions designed to meet your exact desired outcomes. Upon request, we can split the virtual VIP day into to sessions.
  • Drinks and snacks as well as a delicious lunch, are included if we meet In-Person in Munich.
  • We’ll take a one-hour break for lunch around noon.
  • If you prefer the Virtual VIP Strategy Day, we’ll have short breaks every 90 minutes or so to help you digest what we’re discussing and stay energized throughout the day.
  • You will leave your VIP Strategy Day feeling clear on your most resonant feedback, lit up about a tactical strategy, and clear on exactly what next steps to take that will make the biggest impact on your future hotel success.

45-Minute Post-Coaching Call to Review Next Steps


  • In addition to our one-on-one time together, you also get a Virtual LIVE Training (1 hour) tailor-made for your team on the desired topic in order to achieve your goals or intentions set during the V.I.P. Strategy Day. Based on my experience, some hotel teams need an outside expert giving them an eye-opening perspective on what needs to be done, changed or fine-tuned in order to achieve significant results.
  • Together we will discuss the desired topic of such a training.
  • I’ll also share information on my Ongoing Coaching Option for how we can continue working together privately. You may also benefit from designing tailor-make trainings for your team or online trainings & course to elevate your team strength.

Making the choice to give yourself the gift of this day could be the one of the most powerful and moving choice. Get out of the hotel from your daily tasks and guest needs, get a new perspective of your hotels business and meet like-minded person & guide to get the clarify of what are the next steps. 

Here is what others are saying

Thanks for great online training. I appreciate the detailed focus on dynamic pricing and revenue strategies combined with how this would be implemented in the hotel operationally. Even though I already knew what revenue management is and what is behind it, I was inspired by "new way of thinking" about pricing and the guest oriented approach.The new approach to market segmentation was very helpful for me. I welcomed the chance to hear the valuable experiences of other hotels and their questions during the training.
Hotel Casa Marcello, PragueVendula Gajova, Revenue Manager
We consider Radka to be an expert in the hotel industry. She monitors trends and technological developments, and always gives professional advice. She has already steered us in the right direction. Her non-traditional training style is very inspiring. The lessons are fun and lively and none of the students were at all bored!
Sivek Hotels, Prague Viliam Sivek, Jr., Hotel Owner
The training with Radka is based on practical experience. She is an action woman which resulted in a very quick and smart implementation of her suggestions in our property. We could immediately experience the results: either in occupancy or revenue increase. We appreciate her professional, human and individual approach to a multitude of issues. We book various trainings including some-tailor once. Radka, the trainings under your guidance are a significant asset to our resort wellness hotel.
Wellness Hotel Kaskady, SlovakiaKaterina Malova, Hotel Owner and General Manager

As a revenue manager, hotel strategists and consultant, I am helping independent hotels including genius-loci properties and local hotel chains hotels to discover their “why”, mission and vision, to revisit their ideal guest avatar, to implement revenue management in their hotels including re-organising various tracking codes of the PMS, setting up booking engine, channel manager, online reputation system or CRMs. Executing direct booking strategies. Reframing their marketing message to target their niche clients. Increased demand in low season and optimise occupancy in high demand dates including overbooked weekends.

Coaching hoteliers & hospitality professionals is my passion. I love to see them creating a property that clients love by empowering them to achieve it with their team! Since 2010 have been our clients under our guidance generating min. 15 - 25% revenue increase in first 6 months followed by double and triple revenue from year 2.

I am fully committed to share my knowledge and expertise. I want you to claim what's rightfully yours. I want you to have a healthy share of direct bookings, to manage a property where occupancy is optimized by attracting and converting the ideal guest. I want you to be a prosperous, successful, and much loved hotel - by guests and your employees. Let me guide you, because I know you are in the power to crack it.

Your Best Investment Ever

If you want to skip the wait and wasted energy, secure a V.I.P. Strategy Day to receive a tailor made strategy to drive you more sales, value bookings, increasing loyalty and long-lasting profitability.

Right now, I offer no more than 2 VIP Days per month. This is a sustainable number of VIP Days for me to offer – they take a lot of energy, as I give you and make available to you all that I have – my skills, my expertise and experience, my background, my instincts, my recommendations (and reasons). That’s an awful lot of power in your corner, in one power-packed day!

Could you and your business benefit from a V.I.P. Strategy Day? Get in touch and let's chat.

Your Questions Answered

You may be wondering whether V.I.P. Strategy Day is truly a perfect match for you. Please review the frequent Q&As section below where you will most likely find your answer. If not, please feel happy to reach out to us at radka@moredirectbookings.com with your specific question/s.

I am owning short-term-rental properties, is it for me?

Yes. STR owners owning or managing more than 1 short-term-rental property (more units) or a small "genius-loci" property with more beds / rooms will benefit from this event. Even you do not call yourself "a hotel".

My hotel / accommodation property is not yet open. Is this service the right for me?

Oh yes! This is YOUR day and you are about to get a clarity of what steps, procedures and actions you are about to execute while opening your hotel. I want you to be relaxed and concentrate on your opening with ease and joy. After Your V.I.P. Day you will feel confident and align with your strategy and further steps.

Can we meet in person or is the session only virtual?

Your V.I.P. Strategy Day can be virtual or In-Person event. Choose the right option for you - click on "Book Your Day".

In-Person Event includes also drinks & lunch when we will meet in Munich.

Contact me directly and apply for a V.I.P. Strategy Day in your hotel together with you team.

Radka is also available for travel for longer engagements with you and your team in the hotel or your hotel chain HQ - 3 days minimum.

Is the virtual V.I.P. Strategy Day recorded?

A recording of your V.I.P. Strategy Day, available for download within 24 hours.

Which topics can I bring to the VIP day?

Those are typical questions (reason to book VIP day) where you can get support, guidance and clarity.

Where is your hotel strategy and current sales / marketing / revenue approach lacking and what changes needs to be implemented achieving higher occupancy and/or higher ADR?

What can we do to achieve higher profitability?

How to increase number of bookings?

What we are overlooking so your direct booking strategy is not fulfilling your expectations?

How to drive loyalty and increase demand for my properties?

How to implement revenue management in your hotel

What technologies and skill my team needs to drive better results.

Or even heading back to basics: revisit your why, who is your customer and how to make their stay even more elevating.

What do I need to have ready for the Strategy Day?

You will have a 30-minute pre-session strategy call with Radka to align on outcomes and expectations for the session so you know what to prepare If needed, your results, KPIs, excel spreadsheets, budget or any other reporting to be submitted after the call.

What will be the outcome of this V.I.P. Strategy Day

You will get the guidance and solution to your challenge. Imagine: Question marks XY and Z solved.

What will happen after my V.I.P. Strategy Day

Because a great plan requires execution to achieve your next level of success, there will be a 45-minutes feedback call afterwards to recap on the plan / strategy / tactics that what we've co-created together.

I will also share information on my Ongoing Coaching Option for how we can continue working together privately.

You may also benefit from designing tailor-make trainings for your team or online trainings & course to elevate your team strength.

Can I talk to someone to answer my questions?

You sure can! Schedule a complimentary consult call with Radka and she will answer your questions and help confirm the best next steps for you and your business.

Who can I best help?

Is this V.I.P. Strategy Day right for you? Absolutely if you...

  • You are managing or owning the independent hotel or local chain or employed as Revenue / Sales / Marketing Manager and you are responsible for fulfilling revenue plan. Or you would like to move on with your career path and need a coach / mentor to support you.
  • You’re excellent at what you do and know you can achieve even more. Driving sales, optimizing occupancy and increasing reservation value. Exceeding guest expectations and putting your mind into a great results.
  • You want to have a strategic, effective, individual solution to your hotel success question marks
  • You would like to benefit from the perspective of an outside expert experienced in solving revenue & demand generation challenges. Expert with implementation skills and at the same time someone who grow up in the hospitality industry, has knowledge from international hotel chains and at the same time an enterpreneur "big picture" approach.
  • You are interested in a new and innovative way of working together that will bring a breath of fresh air into your hotel business.
  • You are fully committed to your success (personal or hotel) and ready to get the things done.
  • You want to see your hotel from other perspective and when booking In-Person Day, you wish to get out of the hotel for a day, to skip daily routine - and get inspired, elevated and empowered to impact your life and life of your team and hotel guests.

If some or all of these points sounds like you? Then I definitely want to support you. I am ready, are you? 

Your success depends interily on you and your team own effort, motivation, commitment and team spirit follow-through. I can not predit and guarantee that you will attain a particular results, and you accept and understand that results differ from each property and its each individula. Each hotel's results depend on its unique background, your & your team dedication, desire, motivation, acetions, and numerous other factors including pricing, yielding, segementing, reporting or online reputation management. 

When you purchase this product, you understand that there is no guarantee that you will achieve any particular result or outcome using any of the ideas, tools, strategies or recommendations presented. We make no promises or warranties concerning your likelihood of success, performance, future earnings, business profits, marketing performance, customer growth or results of any kind. You understand that with any business endeavor there is an inherent risk, including a loss of capital and loss of customers and therefore you assume all responsibility for any such risk.